How the Nazis Lost The War to premiere on SBS at 5:30pm
Episode 1 – Saturday 6 June
Episode 2 – Saturday 12 June
Episode 3 – Sunday 13 June
Episode 4 – Saturday 19 June
Episode 5 – Sunday 20 June
Episode 6 – Saturday 26 June

For the first time, How the Nazis Lost the War tells the decline of Hitler’s empire from the inside out, showing how a dysfunctional, bloated, poorly led gang of thugs managed to fool Germany then take Europe by surprise. The Nazis were murderous victors by mistake and when faced with a mobilised opposition their homicidal ineptitude was writ large.

Told through expert interviews with historians, sociologists and military strategists How the Nazis Lost the War will shed a new light on how we view World War 2.