A brand new season of Todd Sampson’s Body Hack premieres on Network 10 (Australia) in the time prime-time slot of 8.40pm on June 25th.

Todd Sampson puts his body on the line yet again, as he continues his investigation into the lives of some of the most extraordinary humans on the planet, to see what he can learn from them.

Part of his documented adventures include heading to Mexico, where he explores the concepts of toughness and pain by competing in the Lucha Libre wrestling. He faces one of the most shocking rituals – which involve the brutal whipping of women – in Ethiopia, and then makes his way to Siberia, where he will learn to survive in the Arctic wilderness with the reindeer people of the north.

However, while Todd is used to pushing his body and mind to the absolute extreme, it is his trip to Gaza where he experiences first-hand the everyday struggles of living in a war-torn city that truly confronts him. This is one hell of an eye-opening episode that’s not to be missed.

This new season has been described as the most entertaining, educational and confrontational series of the year.

Body Hack is an EQ Media production for Network 10 with production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Create NSW.