After the Night
4 x 1hr true crime docu-series

“After the Night” is a true crime mini docu-series depicting and exploring a killer’s harrowing legacy – of tragedy, grief, responsibility and redemption – as seen through the eyes of a filmmaker returning to his childhood home, Perth, and spending time with those closest to the killer and his victims, whose lives he altered irrevocably. In the early 1960s, it was a sunny, peaceful and innocent city, until suddenly devastated by a spate of horrific, disparate, seemingly senseless killings, which local police failed to connect and attribute to one man until it was far too late, then sought to cover-up, and with tragic consequences.

With unprecedented access to the killer’s wife and the two men wrongly convicted of his crimes, this is a series about the devastating aftermath of serial murder, and how his victims, which include his wife and those wrongly convicted of his crimes, have come together through grief and injustice, in the pursuit of closure and redemption, which includes finally holding the police to account.

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