Getting Frank Gehry

60′ Arts Documentary

Architect Frank Gehry has been called many things, “genius”, “weirdo”, “uncompromising”, and his least favourite …“star-chitect”.

As he embarks on an ambitious new building in Australia, Getting Frank Gehry explores the controversial and colourful career of one of the world’s most provocative creative forces and discovers just what makes this relentless boundary pusher tick.

Production Credits

Presenter – Alan Yentob (for the BBC)

Director/Writer – Sally Aitken

Original concept, Co-Producer and Co-Writer – Helen Vatsikopoulos

Executive Producer – Alan Erson

Supervising Producer – Aline Jacques

An EQ Media and Entertainment production for the ABC and BBC.

Developed with the assistance of the ABC and financed with support from Screen Australia’s International Documentary Program.

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