Raising the Curtain

For the first time on television, Australia’s live theatre history is brought to life in this landmark series. From humble beginnings amidst convict enclaves to a future bright with internationally recognised stars and world-class spectaculars, Australian theatre is celebrated over three jam-packed episodes.

Raising the Curtain

3 x 60′ Documentary Series

The first episode explores the brash and brazen world of theatre entrepreneurship, uncovering the big personalities who took even bigger risks to put on a show for the Australian audience. The second episode focuses on the struggle and eventual celebration of an Australian voice.

Last but not least, we revel in the spectacle of theatre; from performers to designers, choreographers to costume designers, this is an exciting journey that marks the key productions and people that have shaped theatre today.

Production Credits

Narrator – Ewan Leslie
Producer – Aline Jacques
Executive Producer – Julia Peters

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