Shark Alarm

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough…now it turns out we’re in the middle of a ‘Shark-demic’ too. 8 deaths, and 14 major incidences with shocking injuries.

That means that more Australians have been killed in unprovoked shark attacks in 2020 than in any year since 1934. That’s a whopping 86 years! And the number of deaths so far this year are well above Australia’s 50-year average of 1.02 annually. But why? In this compelling special documentary, exclusive interviews with survivors, insiders, and experts reveal the facts around the deadly shift that is leaving beachgoers trembling.

Is our relationship with sharks changing or is there something else much bigger at play?

The experts are telling us our changing weather is bringing great white sharks closer to shore, and our depleting fish stocks are making them more ravenous. There’s evidence to suggest a warmer ocean is changing the way sharks hunt… a super predator with a rewired brain.

And there is the issue of the ocean’s salinity. Increased rains during a La Niña could reduce salinity and attract more bull sharks to waters where people swim. Even the fishing charter operators say that lately they’re catching way more sharks than fish leaving punters both shocked and disappointed. In some recent cases, the great whites actually bit their victims more than once, which is unusual behaviour and is certainly more likely to be fatal, but it suggests that humans were being treated like prey according to experts.

These exclusive revelations, accounts, observations and much more will be thrashed out in SHARK ALARM, as we expose the perfect storm of changing weather and water temperatures, shark feeding ground displacement and behavioural shifts that are resulting in the deadliest season of shark attacks ever.

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