The Great Australian Race Riot

3 x 60′ Documentary Series

This provocative documentary series examines race riots in the context of progress, and their distinction from other forms of racism and violence. Addressing the historical breadth of riots from 1846 until 2013, involving Irish, Muslim and Aboriginal people, the series, presented by Peter FitzSimons, discovers and describes the heroes and villains and the powerful figures involved – the soldiers, the cops, and their political and economic masters.

The series reframes conversations around race, tribe, fairness and future in a stroke of stark, masterful storytelling.

Production Credits

Presenter – Peter FitzSimons
Series Producer & Director – Sally Aitken
Writers – Sally Aitken, Mike Bluett
Producer – Alan Erson

An EQ Media and Entertainment production for SBS Television, financed with the support of Screen Australia’s National Documentary Program and SBS Australia.

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