Voyage to the Planets

Blast-off with A Traveller’s Guide To The Planets, the ultimate travel guide to the Solar System. Learn what to pack, which planet has the best sights, and where to park the rover.

A Traveller’s Guide to the Living Universe

6 x 60′ Documentary Series

Presenting the planets as you’ve never seen them before. It’s the ultimate in adventure travel, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Today’s super space traveller must endure drastic climates that shift from 840 degrees in the sun to minus 275 degrees in the shade, crushing gravity, acid smog, and blistering radiation. But the sights — from Jupiter’s churning red eye to Saturn’s glittering rings — are out of this world.

In each one hour episode, see stunning images of each planet including highly detailed images captured by today’s ultra high-tech telescopes. Advanced animation takes you up close and personal with these distant worlds, as we plunge through space to get a better look at the neighbours. 

Production Credits

Richard Smith & Chris Thorburn

Executive Producer – Chris Hilton

Head of Production – Andrea Gorddard

An EQ Media & Entertainment Production with National Geographic Channel US and ABC Australia

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