The Time Traveller’s Guide to the Galaxy

6 x 60′ Space Documentary Series

Space always was and always will be our final frontier.

In “The Time Traveller’s Guide to the Galaxy”, mankind’s insatiable desire to break loose the shackles of earth and journey deep into time and space is examined by the world’s sharpest and most innovative cosmic thinkers.

A new generation of inventors and explorers – engineers, astrophysicists, planet hunters and more – will break down ideas that are literally astronomical in scale, providing an accessible, informative and exciting narrative that lays the groundwork for humanity’s future in space. From the moment we became conscious as a species, we have peered up into the night sky and pondered our place amongst a vast and starry universe.

Across six visually stunning episodes, “The Time Traveller’s Guide to the Galaxy” will carve up our deep fascination with the galaxy and take us to the cutting edge of space science. Hunting for a second earth to call home; Revolutionising rocketry to blast beyond our own system; The engineering obstacles to survival in the void of space; Searching for our alien neighbours; How will we communicate with them if and when we find them; And examining our tiny place amongst the Galaxy of stars.

Production Credits

Presented by Alan Duffy

Executive Producers – Brendan Dahill & David Alrich

Producer – Justin Corbett

An EQ Media production for ABC Commercial Distribution

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