Road to Riches

Collectables expert Lucas Callaghan searches through the houses of Australia to find hidden treasure to turn it into cash for the owners.

Road to Riches

6 x 45′ Factual Entertainment Series

Heading out on his classic motorcycle, Lucas is invited into homes to cast his trained eye over vintage items and special pieces and determine their potential worth and the best way to sell them. It’s all about getting the most bric for the brac for the owners, even if it means restoring some items in order to do so. From mid-century furniture to clothing, toys, and collectables, it’s estimated that every house has about $5000 worth of unwanted goods that can be liquidated and Lucas is just the man to do it!

Premiered 12 November on A&E, Foxtel.

Production Credits

Hosted by Lucas Callaghan

Directed by Tim Vincent

Executive Producer David Alrich

An EQ Media production for A&E

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