Beyond the Boundary

Unique behind-the-scenes access to the Australian Women’s Cricket Team as they set out to win the highly coveted Ashes.

Beyond the Boundary: Inside the Battle for the Ashes 2019

2 x 45′ Sports Documentary

Beyond the Boundary takes us inside the Australian Women’s Cricket Team’s successful 2019
Ashes campaign in England against reigning 50-over World Champions, England. On the road
with the team for six weeks, the story is told through unique access into the change rooms and
the inner circle. With fixed rig cameras in dressing rooms, team meetings, and access to players
and coaches on and off the field, we go ‘behind the scenes’ and explore the challenges that
threatened their success – injury scares, form slumps and breakdowns in communications. We
see first-hand the expectations and the mounting pressure of playing at an elite level, as well as
getting an insight into one of sport’s biggest rivalries.

Premiered on Channel 7 on 25 November 2019.

Production Credits

Directed/Produced by Cassie Charlton

Executive Producer  – Sam Griffin, Brendan Dahill, Justin Holdforth

An EQ Media production for Channel 7 with support from Cricket Australia and Screen Australia

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